Flexiple was born in 2015 when Karthik, while in IIM Ahmedabad, started exploring various different ideas and chose to work on solving the problem that all startups faced - developer hiring.

He reached out to his batch mate, Hrishikesh, for help on tech. Soon, the latter joined in as a co-founder. A little later, the two convinced a professor to design a course project around Flexiple, so that they could spend more time on it

Suvansh joined in to get a flavour of how startups work. By the end of the project, the trio realized that they made a great team and with that the founding team of Flexiple was formed :).

Together, they decided the best & interesting way to solve the tech talent hiring problem was to build a high-quality talent network.

Other projects the team is working on

  1. Remote Tools
  2. Scale
  3. Buildd.co

Unique parts of the journey

Some unique aspects of our story include:

  1. Our early misstep explained in this Twitter thread by Karthik
  2. Leveraging NoCode to support our internal tech shared in this tweet
  3. Hitting $1 million annualized revenue in 3.5 years, then $2 million annualized revenue 4 months later and $3 million another 3 months later. Many aspects of this journey were shared in this AMA on Twitter

Story in publications

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