We officially started Flexiple ~4 years ago (April 2017). While it has been a long journey, there were certain beliefs we laid down at the very beginning. These are some values we felt quite strongly about and still do.

Build for happiness, not external benchmarks

Unlike the popular narrative of "successful" tech startups, we bootstrapped our way. This has meant that we have had to deliver value to our customers from Day 1. Our growth has been a consequence of their love for us.

Not just that, it also means that we don't have any external benchmarks of success to constantly adhere to. We build for happiness. This doesn't mean that we aren't ambitious, just that our ambitions don't have to be achieved at the cost of our happiness.

Learn by doing

Delegation is great but can be dangerous when one has no clue what they are delegating. So, each of us enjoy the process of learning new things we initially have ZERO knowledge in!

This is done by doing and not just by reading. We accept that we will start by being quite "shitty" at it. The goal is just to be less "shitty" each day, till suddenly one day we realize that we are actually quite good at it :)

No "jerks" ever

Each of the three co-founders had worked in other companies before starting with Flexiple. We, each, had our experience of working with "jerks" and were sure that we never wanted to do that every again. It sucks the energy out of all the others in an organization and you just need one.

So, irrespective of the skills one brings to the table, being a kind & great person to work with is a non-negotiable!

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